Russian Kids, Krishna (5), Rama (4) amazed everyone with their power of knowledge  
FREE PRESS : 04/09/2000.

MOSCOW : They are too young to join school under normal process.  But the two kid sons of Russian parents with names of Indian gods have amazed everyone by displaying their knowledge about various subjects taught in schools, reports PTI.

Krishna (aged 5) and Rama (aged 4) have an impressive knowledge of Russian grammar, mathematics and other subjects even though they are ineligible to join primary school which requires one to be six-years-old.

Krishna and Rama know by heart all the textbooks of primary school, wrote Moscow daily “Sevodnya.”

Krishna and Rama took the test for school admission after their father insisted that they be allowed to do so.  After the tests, the headmaster took an unprecedented decision to admit five-year old Krishna in class one.

In the course of one academic year, he was promoted to class three.

Four-year old Rama, who also passed the test brilliantly, was, however, denied admission as “his fingers are still very tender to firmly hold the pen,” the daily wrote with a heading “bravo Krishna, bravo Rama.”

The name of the children’s father, Ariy (meaning Arya) is also alien for Russia’s post-World War II generation which identifies anything Aryan with the Nazis.

Ariy Radogor believes a child’s education should start on ‘day 2’ after the birth and can complete his secondary education by the age of 10 and university at the age of 16.

He told “Sevodnya” that before conceiving both his sons he observed fast, did not drink, smoke and watch TV for three years.

He even took the delivery of his sons himself.