Tackling corruption

FORTUNATELY the law is taking its course in the right direction. Hitherto people got the wrong impression that top political leaders were above law. The situation has changed.

The former prime minister P V Narasimha Rao and former home minister Buta Singh have been convicted in the JMM bribe case. Ms Jayalalitha along with her closest colleague Sasikala and some ministers in her Cabinet too have been convicted in the TANSI land deal. This should be an eye opener and a warning to all political leaders.

The vigilance department should become proactive. It should not wait for someone to file public interest litigation to look into such misappropriation of money and wealth.

The massive and posh buildings owned by first and second division clerks working in government departments raise questions about the integrity of such persons. If the political will is there, the present government can do a lot to weed out corruption from the public life.

V A Gopala  Bangalore