No law to stop corruption by politician aides

Asian Age 2-4-2001

There is no law in the country at present to bring to book the assistants to politicians who wield enormous power in government and amass a lost of wealth by corrupt means, Supreme Court judge, Justice K.T. Thomas said on Sunday. 

“The legislature should think of 4enacting a law to bring these corrupt people to book,” the judge said, while delivering the second D.P. Kohli Memorial Lecture to mark the foundation day of the Central Bureau Investigation. 

Lamenting the delay in disposal of cases, he said the legislative mandate that no supervisor court can stay trial proceedings was not known to many courts and still stays were being granted on trial proceeding. 

Speaking about the confidence of people in CBI, Justice Thomas said the tentacles of corruption have spread far and wide among the administrators of the country and added there was no easy solution to it. Indirectly referring to Tehelka, he said : “Problems of corruption are more deep rooted than the remedy provided under the Prevention of Corruption Act.” 

Chief Vigilance Commissioner N. Vittal  described corruption to be more vicious than the dreaded AIDS and said: “ If corruption is brain behind it while the corruption by the politicians formed its heart.” 

He referred to judiciary as the Kidney which does not allow a person to die by separating out the poision from spreading into the blood circulation and said CVC was part of the kidney. 

Comparing corruption to AIDS, Mr. Vital said, while AITS was caused by uncontrolled sexual behavior, corruption was caused by “uncontrolled financial behavior among the people leading to financial rape and financial adultery.”