India is among the most Corrupt Countries in the World

Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore are the least corrupt economies in Asia, where corruption remains embedded despite the fact that it helped trigger the regional financial crisis in 1997, a report said Sunday.

China, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam were perceived to be the most corrupt Asian nations, with Malaysia, South Korea and Taiwan falling just below the average.  In some countries the corruption even became more than compared to 1996.  The survey was conducted by a Hongkong based consultancy after surveying more than 650 expatriate businessmen working in 12 Asian countries.   Itís a very serious problem as corruption exist everywhere in the world but in some limits. 


If you grate on the scale 10 to 100, with 10 being the best score Singapore is leading in its clean image with a score of 8.3, its followed by United States with 17.70 and  Australia.  Japan was 2nd in terms of lowest in corruption in Asia, with Hongkong coming 3rd. 


Following are the scale of other countries:


1.       Vietnam, with a score of 90.75

2.       Indonesia with 90.50

3.       India with 90.25

4.       Philippines with 90

5.       Thailand with 80.55

6.       China with 71

7.       South Korea was graded at 70


Malaysia and Taiwan both got scores of 60.

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