World Bank takes Housing Commisioner Alphons’s word on corruption in DDA

The Delhi Development Authority (DDA) has figured in a World Bank report as one of the most corrupt institutions in India.

The World Development Report, released here today, has quoted former housing commissioner K.J. Alphons, having described the agency he worked for, the DDA as “the most corrupt institution in the country.”

He said, “Those who corrupt it, help illegal builders grab DDA land and then build houses and shops that are sold to unwitting buyers. Unauthorised buildings range from shanties for the poor to shopping centers for the middle class to mansions for the rich, all established on government land under false pretences, with political complicity.”

Moreover, Mr Alphons reported, “Nothing gets built, legal or illegal, without a bribe.” The report says many developing cities are serviced in this fashion, with essential services available only at a very heavy social cost. (UNI)