Corruption in Police Depatment

Constables: A constable or havaldar has to pay in between 10 to 20000 rupees before he gets his job to his seniors or the selection team consisting of police personals. Now if he has to pay 20000 rupees he will earn the same by way of bribery.
Sub Inspectors: He has to spend in between 50 to 75 thousand rupees to get him his job. 

Transfer to betters department: The transfer rate depends upon area to area for the senior officers like Assistant Commisioners of Police(ACP), Deputy Commisioner of Police(DCP), Additional Commisioner of Police(ADD.C.P), Joint Commisioner of Police(JT.C.P) or Commisioner(CP) in the City and Deputy Suprintendent of Police(D.S.P), Suprintendent Of Police (SP), Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG) of Director General(DG). All the transfer are done by the Home Department and the money taken is generally passed to the Senior Officer and Mainly the Home Minister of State Governments in India. 

Solution for Corruption: If the Police Personal is selected only on merit and given a good salary, with an assurance of getting a roof under his head (HOUSE) then he will not be tempted to take bribe.